Innovation in Irrigation

Technology at Work

Nelson Irrigation Corporation takes
innovation seriously.

Since the company's inception in 1972 there have been numerous patents issued — today there are more than 70 active patents — and additional applications have been filed awaiting recognition. The ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) has recognized a number of Nelson products with their AE50 Award. "The products winning the ... AE50 awards ... represent the best and the brightest developed around the globe for the agricultural, food, and biological systems industries. Award winners include companies of all sizes and varying inventive focus." –


AE50 Awards:

  • 1992 - Rotator®
  • 1995 - R2000 Rotator®
  • 1996 - 3000 Series Pivot Products
  • 1998 - ACV200 Air Control Valve, N3000 Pivot Nutator, R5 Rotator®
  • 1999 - PC-S3000 Sprinkler, R2000 WF Wind-Fighter Rotator® Sprinkler
  • 2001 - Grab-On Drip Fittings, 800P + SR75A valve/gun, MRDC Mini-Regulator Drain Check
  • 2005 - PC-R3000 Rotator®
  • 2006 - 5FC Flow Control Nozzle
  • 2011 - 8200DC Irrigation Controller System, O3000 Orbitor Pivot Sprinkler
  • 2014 - TWIG Wireless Control System
  • 2016 - 3030 Series with 3NV Nozzle System

Irrigation Association Awards:

The Irrigation Association has recognized four members of Nelson Irrigation’s team with the Industry Achievement Award. Bart Nelson, President, received this award in 1988. Larry Meyer, previous Vice President of Engineering, received the award in 1997. Bob Rupar, Vice President of Marketing, received the award in 2003 and George Sesser, Project Engineer, received the award in 2011. 

On January 29, 2014 Bart Nelson received the Industry Leadership Award from the Washington Potato Foundation.  

 Irrigation Assocation New Product Contest Awards:

2002 - MP2000 MP Rotator® Sprinkler

2006 - R33 Rotator® Sprinkler

2015 - 3030 Series with the 3NV Nozzle System