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New 2000 Series Rotator Design

February 28, 2013

New! Cap and Body for all 2000 Series Rotators
We designed every aspect of the NEW! 2000 Series bodies with strength in mind. The whole structure from cap to body was redesigned to be tougher, stronger and more durable. Expect longer life from your Nelson Rotator.

Engineered to withstand all the rigors of handling portable pipe systems
Shifting, transporting and stacking irrigation pipe can be hazardous to your sprinkler investment. The new robust design achieves a higher level of damage resistance and durability in the field, on pipe trailers and in the storage yard. Strength you can be confident in.

The newly designed cap and body protects critical Rotator® components
Protected motor assembly helps keep your sprinklers performing while resisting damage from pruning, harvesting, thinning, farm implements and animals.

Stronger connections
Create a tighter fit, resist separation and reduce breakage with the new, stronger ½” and ¾”  MNPT acme adapters.

The best design, for the best performance
New! 2000 Series Rotators have the same flow and throw performance and uniformity as the existing Rotator® Sprinklers.  We engineered them to be interchangeable with all existing bodies, caps, plates, nozzles, accessories and adapters.  

In the near future all 2000 Series Rotator® models will be shipped with the new cap and body including the: R2000WF, R2000LP, R2000CW, PC-R2000WF, and R2000 Rotators.

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