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Introducing the Part-Circle R2000WF/LP for Solid Set/Permanent Set Irrigation

February 12, 2015

The PC-R2000WF is a Part-Circle Rotator that distributes water in a 180 degree arc. It is intended to irrigate the edge of a field where full circle Rotators are used in the interior.

PC-R2000WF Features:
·  Easier to install and more durable Road Guard
·  All orange color easily distinguishes the part circle model from full circle sprinklers in the field.
·  Improved uniformity over all other Road Guard models allows more precise nozzle size selection because:
       1. Water is more evenly distributed along the edges of the watering area.
       2. No diffuser and improved Road Guard reduces over watered areas.

For more information go to the product page or click here for performance. 

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