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New Acme Fitting for Drip Conversions

March 10, 2015

In permanent tree and vine crops there are many good reasons to alternate between drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation can be used for small trees or during periods of water shortages. The new Female Acme x Barbed Tee fitting provides a simple way to convert a full coverage Rotator® sprinkler system to a localized drip irrigation system. It also allows for simple conversion back to full coverage sprinkler irrigation with Rotators. 

Here is how it works:

1.  A full coverage Rotator® system is designed and installed using one of the Nelson acme fitting options to connect the sprinkler to the system. Included with this irrigation system is adequate filtration for button style drip emitters or cleanable dripper devices (see pictures on lower right).
These fitting options include:
  - MNPT Adapters  (3/8”, ½”, or ¾” MNPT x Male Acme).
  - PVC Adapters (½”, ¾” or 25 mm PVC Socket x Male Acme).
  - FT-2, FT-4, FT-5, ½ PVC-4, ½ PVC-5, or ¾” PVC-10 Feedtube
  Assemblies for connection to polyethylene laterals.
2.  Remove the Rotator® sprinkler and replace it with the new Female Acme x Barbed Tee fitting.
3.  Bush in Barbed Tee into the hole of the Acme Fitting.
4.  Connect spaghetti tubing to the Barbed Tee and run it to the base of the tree or trees. Connect the dripper devices to the spaghetti tubing and secure with soil or a stake about 1 to 2 feet away from the tree or vine trunk.
5. As water shortages subside or the tree gets larger, remove the Female Acme Fitting and drippers and store for later use. Install Rotator®
sprinklers for full coverage irrigation to improve production capacity
of the tree or vine crop.

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