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A Perfect Package for Pressurized Pipe

April 2, 2014

In today's climate of frequent water shortages and tightening governmental regulations, every irrigation system must take into consideration saving water, saving energy, saving labor and doing a better job of irrigating. Nelson Irrigation uses these parameters in the design and manufacture of all of its irrigation components - including sprinklers, pressure regulators, control valves and wireless controls.

Nelson's R2000WF Rotator® Sprinklers consistently deliver higher uniformity than impact sprinklers which can mean measurable water savings. The R2000WF forms a tight wind-penetrating stream that is  designed to achieve the highest uniformity in windy conditions.  Its sweeping action gently distributes water droplets evenly to the ground, preventing soil compaction typically found around impact sprinklers due to down splash from the drive arm. Place the R2000WF directly on a Mini Regulator Drain Check to ensure high uniformity and even flow throughout your system and eliminate the effects of pressure variations due to uneven topography or high friction loss. The drain check feature saves water by eliminating sprinkler drool during shut-down and start-up, and reduces the amount of time required to fill lateral lines.  

To further enhance the R2000WF and regulator/drain check features, combine them with plastic splined solid set pipe. This style of pipe also allows for a completely pressurized system with no drain down from lateral and mainline gaskets. Yes, it remains fully charged with water. Used in conjunction with Nelson's R2000WF Rotator(r) Sprinklers, Mini Regulator Drain Checks, 800 Series Control Valves and the Nelson Wireless Control System this finally-tuned system can achieve incredible results in terms of water savings, yield and grade.

Next, consider Nelson 800 Series Control Valves for zone control and pressure control. Couple a valve or cluster of valves with Nelson Wireless Controls for system automation. Irrigation can be finely tuned so sets give the crop the precise amount of water at the right time .

"Save water, save energy, save labor and do a better job of irrigating with Nelson products."

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