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  • January 2012 Newsletter

    You can depend on breakthroughs from Nelson — like Rotator® Sprinkler Technology — to achieve greater water and energy savings in all sectors of agriculture and industrial applications. Designed and Made in Walla Walla, Washington

  • January 2011 Newsletter

    Technically engineered and finely-tuned rotating plates create the right balance of droplet sizes and multi-stream trajectories. Targeted larger droplets, higher and farther and finer droplets, lower and closer — provide the best of both worlds. CHOOSE HIGH UNIFORMITY & EFFICIENCY.

  • April 2010 Newsletter

    Field testing of Nelson products happens all year round all around the world. It’s the only way to make sure our proven line of agricultural and industrial irrigation products live up to your high expectations. We understand that our success depends upon your success. That’s why we continue to provide the most trusted, high quality products in the industry.