Irrigating Bananas

for Irrigating

Nelson Rotator® Sprinklers are the ideal choice for the irrigation of banana crops. High water application uniformity is critical in order to meet the demands of a highly water consumptive banana plant.  Plantations are large, so sprinkler maintenance has to be low.  Water quality can be poor so resistance to wear is important. The compact design of the Rotator makes it more resistant to breakage from falling stems or the general work environment inside plantations.



Nelson Rotator® Sprinklers revolutionized the irrigation of banana plantations at a time when impact sprinklers were predominant.  Rotator® Technology provides:

  • Slow and smooth rotation — no riser vibration that can reduce the throw radius and cause breaks in pipe connections
  • Resistance to wear — no seals or bearings exposed to water pressure
  • Compact and robust design
  • Flow control nozzle options
  • Anti-theft option
  • High water application uniformity
  • Range of nozzle sizes


The Nelson R2000 is the premier sprinkler for the banana grower. The Nelson R10T P8-15° is a lower cost option particularly suited to the higher sprinkler densities often used today in new plantations.