Container Grown

Meet the
Special Needs
of Container
Grown Plants

In container yards, irrigation system uniformity, reliability, and performance are essential for success.




The Rotator® Sprinkler family provides high system uniformity and proven reliability, without the issues of riser vibration or brass theft. With flow rates from .7 gpm to more than 8 gpm, the Nelson R2000, R2000WF, and R33 Rotator Sprinklers are ideal sprinklers for container yard applications.

Depending on your layout and special needs, the S10 Spinner, R10TG Rotator, or MP Rotator might also be an option. It's all about achieving the appropriate application rate for your plants in question and the most sensible spacing.

The Nelson Road Guard can be configured on Rotator end sprinklers to leave pathways dry. The part circle convenience of the MP Rotator (90-210, 210-270) is also beneficial in some applications.