Mitigate Dust
& Cool the Herd
with Big Gun

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are ideal for feedlot dust suppression and cooling applications. With a full range of models available, flow rates of 30-1200 GPM (6.8-275 m3/hr) can be achieved with maximum uniformity.




Uniformity of coverage is important to prevent standing water. Overwatering causes odor problems that can be more troublesome than dust. With a variety of nozzles available, the irrigation system can be very flexible and easily controlled to allow for changes in the climate and seasons. Conditions of high temperatures and low humidity contribute to dustiness. Dust on the road is not so much of the problem — the harmful dust comes from the manure and can be optimally controlled by a combination of scraping up the manure
and watering the remaining debris.

Big Guns can be installed in a permanent Solid Set system or can be part of a portable move system. Careful consideration needs to be given to riser construction and mainline installation due to the mining effect noted in long-term operations. Flushing and draining for winter shut down need to be one of the initial design parameters to prevent damage from freezing.