Irrigating Oil Palm

for Irrigating
Oil Palm

African oil palm irrigation is unique in that the trees are tall so high trajectory sprinklers can be used for under tree full coverage irrigation.


Tree spacing tends to be wide, for example 9m x 9m equilateral.  Often a system is installed with a ratio of one sprinkler per 3 trees.  This results in a sprinkler spacing of 13.5m x 15.6m for a 9m x 9m tree spacing.  The R2000LP is an ideal sprinkler for this wide spacing.  The R2000LP has a more compact stream than the standard R2000 resulting in a greater radius of throw.  Uniformity is obtained by the action of the inbuilt diffuser.  Advantages of the R2000LP include no riser vibration, high uniformity, compact design, and reduced wear.  The sprinkler connection to the included Acme quick-change adapter allows the sprinklers to be removed for storage during the wet season if desired.