Irrigating Onions

for Irrigating

High value crops such as onions truly benefit from the high uniformity, reliability, and performance of Rotator® Sprinklers. The R2000WF is "better than brass" for a number of reasons. There is no riser vibration, no splash down around the sprinkler, and no wind skip, so onion seeds germinate better and grow into more uniform plants.




The R2000WF Rotator® can be configured in Solid Set systems to irrigate onions. Typical spacings are 30’ x 40’, 40’ x 40’, or 40’ x 50’.

Use the R2000WF with the Mini Regulator Drain Check (MRDC) to maximize performance. The patented MRDC is a regulator with a drain check feature that prevents it from opening without adequate pressure. This eliminates crop washout from partially pressurized sprinklers during system startup and shutdown.

Use the Nelson 800 Series Control Valves for zone control and pair them with the Nelson TWIG® Wireless Control System for convenient system automation. ACV200 Air Control Valves provide air relief, vacuum air relief, and continuous air release under pressure.