Irrigating Row Crops

Solutions for
Row Crops

Irrigating high-value row crops such as carrots, onions, potatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables can be a challenge, particularly during germination in hot, dry weather when every drop of water counts.




Growers using Solid Set Irrigation and hand move systems are finding the R2000 Windfighter up to this challenge. Traditional impacts use the drive arm as a means to turn the sprinkler by interrupting the stream creating excess water around the area of the sprinkler.

R2000 Windfighters are engineered to spread water more evenly throughout the wetted area, resulting in less water directly around the sprinkler. They also fight against wind, as well as provide gentle droplets for better germ stand, even in the most difficult conditions. Windfighters are commonly used on Solid Set and portable aluminum lateral pipe.

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Combine R2000 Windfighter sprinklers with a Mini Regulator Drain Check (MRDC) for even more precise irrigation. An MRDC regulates sprinklers to ensure they deliver a precise amount of water. It’s also a drain check with a preset pressure spring that opens only after it reaches a pressure threshold. No more sprinkler drool washing out valuable seed. An MRDC mounts just below the R2000WF sprinkler and offers a variety of preset pressures. Utilizing Windfighters in conjunction with an MRDC on sealed Solid Set systems now allows for automation with 800 Series Control Valves and the Nelson Control System. This is becoming a common practice with growers that want precise irrigation, short germination cycles, and less labor.