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While both portable Solid Set and permanent Solid Set systems are commonly used, they each have their own unique features. A hybrid system, utilizing buried mainlines with portable laterals, combines many of the positive features of each system. Rotator® and Big Gun® sprinklers can be used in both arrangements.

Portable Solid Set with Aluminum, PVC or Polyethylene Pipe


Permanent Solid Set  

In a portable Solid Set arrangement, pipe can be removed from the field for cultural practices, which eliminates the necessity of farming around sprinkler risers. Because the pipe is not permanently fixed in one location, it is possible for irrigation to be moved from location to location in order to improve overall uniformity. These systems can be moved to different fields to follow the crop rotation. In some parts of the United States, portable, Solid Set sprinkler pipe rental is an important option for growers.

The R2000WF/LP and R33/R33LP Rotators are specifically designed to be installed on portable sprinkler pipe and to withstand the rigors of moving from field to field. The R10/R10T work well on portable polyethylene lateral systems utilizing the FT5 Feedtube system, which can be quickly removed and reinstalled in the field. Pressure regulators assure that each sprinkler will have the same flow and performance. On closed sprinkler pipe systems, the drain check feature keeps the pipes full of water; eliminates drainage to the lowest part of the field; and allows for frequent irrigation for germination and cooling.

Big Guns are often used on portable Solid Set systems where they are mounted on stands and connected to portable, Solid Set sprinkler pipe. The large throw diameters of Big Guns result in fewer sprinklers and less pipe per field. A hybrid portable Solid Set and permanent Solid Set system using 75 and 100 Series Big Guns and Quick Coupling Valves incorporate some of the benefits of both systems. The QC Valves can be installed above ground or below in a valve box, minimizing interference with agriculture.

Caution! The thrust forces of Big Guns are significant. Sprinkler stands must be secure to avoid damage to equipment or injury to operators.

In permanent Solid Set systems, sprinkler spacing is not limited by pipe lengths. Although both portable and permanent Solid Set systems can be automated, permanent Solid Set systems are easier to automate since the pipe, valves, and sprinklers are permanently installed in the field. Since the system does not need to be moved, there is less irrigation labor required with permanent Solid Set systems. Supporting the sprinkler riser is also less complicated than with portable Solid Set systems.

Big Guns are often installed in permanent Solid Set systems. Applications include agricultural irrigation; wastewater application; sports field irrigation; industrial, mining, and agricultural dust suppression; and fire suppression and protection. Their larger throw diameter means less interference with operations. The Big Gun’s water application rate is often significantly higher than Rotator® Sprinklers, so operating times are shorter and pipe sizes are larger.