Big Gun
Sprinklers for
Traveler Irrigation

Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers provide the greatest range of options for traveler irrigation. Full & part-circle sprinklers are available in a variety of trajectory, nozzle & coating options. The adjustable trajectory (15-45°) SRA100 & SRA150 are also available.



Traveling sprinklers were developed to significantly reduce labor with a minimum of initial investment. The traveler system consists of a hose reel machine that continuously reels in the Big Gun and gun cart down selected travel lanes. The traveler is capable of irrigating regular and irregular shaped fields with distances as long as 1/2 mile (750 meters). Traveling Big Gun sprinklers are capable of high uniformity water application when the proper sprinkler flow rate, operating pressure and travel lane spacings are selected.

The key to the successful use of Big Guns on travelers is the proper planning of the system for your area, lay of the land, shape of the fields, crop, soil, water supply and pumping conditions. Your traveler dealer can best recommend the proper combination of Big Gun sprinkler, traveler, hose, reel, main line and pumping unit based upon his experience with the operating conditions in your area and the performance characteristics of the system components.

The distance between travel lanes for any given sprinkler size is largely determined by local wind conditions. High winds tend to distort or modify the sprinkler pattern into an egg-shaped coverage pattern. Therefore, if possible, direction of travel should be at right angles to the prevailing wind. While the continuous movement of this irregular pattern improves the water application uniformity, it is essential to use closer spacings between travel lanes to assure proper overlap. A part circle sprinkler should be used when it is desirable to leave a dry path in front of the traveler, to water ends of the field without overthrow of the boundary and to adjust the arc of the sprinkler to compensate for wind. A full circle sprinkler should be used if the above are not important and when the lowest possible application rate is desired. When using a part circle sprinkler to maintain a dry travel path, adjust the area of  the circle not watered to the smallest possible arc. This will provide nearly as low an application rate as with a full circle sprinkler at the same performance. The application rate of a part circle sprinkler is greater than for a full circle sprinkler of the same capacity, increasing according to the proportion of circle covered. For example, the application rate of a sprinkler covering a one-half circle is double that of a full circle sprinkler.