100 Series Big Gun

100 Series Big Gun®

The 100 Series is a perfect fit for solid set irrigation, pivot end gun irrigation, dust suppression and sports field applications.

Anodized or Powder Coated units are available, which makes this a great option for mining or wastewater applications.

The Nelson 100 Series Big Gun comes as a Full or Part Circle sprinkler with an 18°, 21°, 24°, or 43° trajectory (or 15°- 45° adjustable trajectory). Taper, Taper Ring, or Taper Bore Nozzles are available (TR not available for SRNV).

The SRNV100 is the field-proven SR100 with a nozzle valve incorporated. This is a great product that solves many center pivot problems: you can get extra acreage, flush out the system when needed and with no in-line valve there is no friction loss, no turbulence and no plugging. 

Add-on kits include

Low-Pressure Drive Vane Kit, Counterbalance Kit, Secondary Nozzle Kit, 12° Wedge Kit and the Stream Straightener Vane. Can be fitted to a QC Valve or 2” 800 Series Control Valve (QC not available for SRNV100).

Connection options include

2” FNPT or FBSP, 2 1/2” FNPT ANSI/DIN, Nelson or Euro Flange for the F100 and SR100 - and the 2” FNPT or FBSP for SRNV100.

F100 (Full Circle)


50-300 GPM (10-70 M³/H)

40-110 PSI (3.5-8 Kg/cm²)

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