control valves





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1. Basic Valve Parts & Assembly Drawings pages 1-11pages 12-22

2. Pressure Control & Flow Control Parts

3. Solenoid Parts

4. Filter Parts

5. Manual Selector Valve Parts

6. Bolt Kit Parts

7. Mounting Kit Parts

8. Add-on Accessories & Fittings


9. Logic Diagram & Control Compatibility

10. Manual On-Off, Solenoid & Hydraulic Relay

11. Pressure Reducing

12. Pressure Sustaining

13. Combination Pressure Reducing / Sustaining

14. Rate-Of-Flow Control

Rate-of-Flow Schematics

Rate-of-Flow Control Brochure

Rate-of Flow Installation & Initial Start-up Guide

Manual On/Off & Rate-of Flow

Electric On/Off & Rate-of Flow

Pressure Reducing & Rate-of Flow

Pressure Reducing & Electric Rate-of Flow

Pressure Sustaining/Relief & Rate-of Flow

15. Check Valve & Sleeve Exhaust

16. Special Control Functions



17. Performance Information

18. Physical Dimensions & Installation

19. Materials & Specification Sheets

20. Published Literature & Trouble Shooting

800 Series Control Valve Brochure

Drip/Micro Irrigation Control Valve Brochure

Pressure Control Brochure

800 Series Control Valve General Information

800 Series Control Valve Accessories Guide

800 Series Control Valve Manual On/Off

800 Series Control Valve Electric On/Off

800 Series Control Valve Pressure Sustaining Relief

800 Series Control Valve Pressure Reducing Manual On/Off

800 Series Control Valve Pressure Reducing Electric On/Off

Wire Sizing Notes

Air Control Valve Brochure

ACV200 Installation Instructions

ACV200 Seal Replacement Kit

ACV200 Seat Installation Kit

ACV200 Application Guide

Window+ Controller General Information

Window+ Controller User Guide

21. Typical Applications / Troubleshooting

22. Revisions