3TN Nozzle System


The “One” Nozzle System

The 3TN  “One” Nozzle system is the center of the 3000 Series Pivot Product line. Each sprinkler is made up of an assembly of a cap, plate, body and nozzle. The 3TN Nozzle is interchangeable with all 3000 Series sprinklers. A variety of connection devices are available to link the sprinkler with a hose or rigid drop.


Color Coded system

The nozzle sizing system is based on 128th inch increments, i.e. 3TN Nozzle #26 has an orifice diameter of 26/128th inches while 3TN Nozzle #27 has an orifice diameter of 27/128th inches. Odd numbered nozzles have a color box around the number marking. This color box denotes the color of next larger nozzle size.