The Original
Big Gun®

Refined over 4 decades and built to last for generations.

In the field of large-volume irrigation, Nelson Big Gun® sprinklers are recognized the world over as the leader in quality, performance and technical support. They are engineered and precision manufactured for heavy-duty reliability and long wear life. Every Nelson Big Gun® is subjected to the toughest inspection testing and quality control standards in the industry — including individual water testing of every sprinkler at the factory.

Applications Abound
Portable & Solid Set

Big Gun® sprinklers have been used in permanent, solid set, and portable set irrigation for decades in difficult to irrigate areas or where labor is a premium. A revolutionary new era is being ushered in with the combination of Nelson’s control valves and TWIG® Wireless Controls — bringing the ultimate Big Gun® system to life.

Pivot End Gun

The first Big Gun® sprinklers were placed on the ends of center pivots over 45 years ago as a cost effective solution to put pivot corners into production. Today, the Big Gun® remains the "end gun" standard — trusted for year after year operation.

Hose Reel Traveler

The Big Gun® brings its reputation of long wear life, reliability, and trouble-free maintenance to this efficient system. The 21° trajectory offers the best balance between throw distance and wind resistance; 24° options also available for calm conditions.

Built to Last

The Big Gun® sprinkler has been manufactured by Nelson Irrigation Corporation in Walla Walla, Washington U.S.A. for over 45 years. We know that behind every Big Gun® is a grower or irrigation manager that is depending on it to work — day in and day out, year after year. And we believe in the right to repair your equipment, so you'll find the Nelson Big Gun® to be easy to repair with readily available parts.  

Why "The Original"?

The Nelson Big Gun® was part of the original product offering of Nelson Irrigation back in 1972 along with several impact sprinklers. Initially there were three part-circle and three full-circle sprinklers (100, 150 and 200 Series). We have continued to refine this line of sprinklers over time, with slow-reverse (SR) part-circle technology, heavy-duty bearings, and the addition of the 75 Series and numerous accessories. With the coupling of Nelson control valves and TWIG® Wireless Controls, the Big Gun® is becoming more than a product, it's a solution.

American made. Built to last.

Built in the USA with integrity and ingenuity, Nelson Irrigation equipment is the world standard in agricultural and industrial water application. We have a long history of blazing new trails, and our spirit of innovation anchors us to this day.

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