The best Boom Irrigation Sprinkler Solutions

Boom irrigation systems are unique—their structures are designed for the greatest possible application width in a light, portable, hose-reel-driven machine. The design for portability with width results in pipe and supporting trusses that are lightweight and do not tolerate the aggressive vibration caused by most sprinkler technologies. Nelson Irrigation manufactures the only dynamic, rotating sprinklers available with no vibration—exactly suited for boom irrigation applications with high uniformity.

Nelson’s dynamic sprinklers, like the Accelerator above, create zero vibration.

Water the crop, not the machine.

Like all irrigation systems, booms should be optimized to apply water at a rate required by the crop, climate, soil, terrain, and other factors. To avoid soil sealing and runoff, you’ll want to apply water at a low application rate, which can be achieved by maximizing both the wetted diameter of sprinklers and the uniformity of application at each point in the field. Both wetted diameter and uniformity of application are maximized by Nelson sprinklers, particularly Rotators, which have the largest wetted diameter in the industry. Coupled with Nelson’s Pressure Regulators, Nelson sprinklers are perfect for applying the needed water gently to preserve the soil and crop. With boom irrigation, it’s important to minimize the water that lands on the machine itself. That water tends to run into the wheel tracks, sometimes causing rutting, which can hinder travel. Nelson’s Part Circle (PC) dynamic sprinklers offer the ideal solution. When used in the outlets near the boom mechanism and wheels, PC sprinklers can minimize wetting the machine, and maximize water applied to the crop.

Part-circle Rotator® and Spinner sprinklers keep water on the crops where it belongs.

Increase the reach of the boom with the R55VT or R75.

To maximize a boom’s irrigation width, most machines are equipped with sprinklers on the boom ends that are directed outward. The greater the wetted radius the better, as long as uniformity is preserved. A wider wetted swath reduces the number of runs needed per field, saving labor cost and time. Nelson’s R55VT Sprinkler boasts the lowest operating pressure available for boom end sprinklers, with excellent uniformity to match. And, like Nelson’s sprinklers on the rest of the boom, the R55VT doesn’t create any vibration on the machine structure. When maximum radius is needed, look to the R75. It includes an adjustable arc and lower application rate for improved uniformity and infiltration.

Gain extra throw with the R55VT end-of-boom sprinkler.



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