Low-Energy Precision Application (LEPA).

Water is the most important resource on the planet, and when you’re actively searching for ways to conserve it, Nelson is there. We have several options to help you get every drop of water exactly where you want it to go, especially in areas where wind plays a major part in water application issues.

The Tan Bubble-Wide plate is designed for low energy, high-application rates to get water directly to ground with little to no drift.

  • On drops 12"–30" of ground clearance
  • Up to 60" spacing
  • 6–10 psi recommendation
  • Can be used to germinate in some cases

“Straight bubble” involves using the back side of the plate to take energy out of the stream and bubble out in a 1-2' diameter pattern. This places water in the furrow between beds planted in a circle pattern for true LEPA.

Low Energy Precision Application with the Tan Bubble-Wide Plate.

LESA to LENA: The Low-Energy Nelson Advantage.

Improving upon low-elevation sprinkler application (LESA), Nelson’s carefully-engineered LENA technique incorporates moving streams for improved infiltration over basic sprayheads. Our Accelerator/Spray Body and Sprinkler Converter give you numerous advantages:

  • Can be installed on A/D3030 body for a combination germination sprinkler and bubble-wide package.
  • Can be installed on 90"–120" spacing with the dual-nozzle clip for easy transition from germination package to bubble package once crops are up and growing.
  • 3 options of applying water to the soil—Spray, Bubbler, and Accelerator —so you can water right all season long without moving anything on or off the field.

Low-elevation options include the Accelerator combined with a Bubble-Wide plate for full season irrigation.



The Nelson Advantage for Low Energy Precision Application

D3000 White Plate a nd LEPA Bubbler Sprinkler

LEPA-Nelson Tan Bubble Wide Plate

Nelson Bubble Wide LEPA Sprinkler

Nelson D3030 LEPA Bubbler Irrigating Texas Cotton