Irrigate valuable land in the pivot corners with a simple solid set system.

Center pivots are amazing devices for irrigation, but their circular mechanisms are constrained when fields are oddly shaped and end guns cannot fill in to the very edge. With a solid set system in combination with a center pivot, you can fill in any odd shape the pivot can’t reach and add valuable acreage. Building automation into this system allows you to keep labor costs to a minimum and see the highest return on investment in those areas. Nelson offers this complete system with our original Big Gun® Sprinkler, a full line of control valves, and the TWIG® Wireless Control system.

Center pivot irrigation can’t always cover every angle, but solid set pivot corner systems can fill the gaps.

Advantages of Big Gun® Sprinkler systems for pivot corners include:

  • Easy integration: Big Guns can be blended into a center pivot’s end gun pattern, so you can farm pivot corners easily with a minimum of field obstacles.
  • Labor savings: Change Big Gun Sprinkler sets without having to go into the field and save valuable labor.
  • Customizable run times: Tailor your system to your needs and vary the run times of Big Guns across your field.
  • Zone cycling: Cycle-and-soak improves water infiltration by spreading out the sprinkler run time.

It's easy to blend a Big Gun Sprinkler system into your pivot watering pattern.

Don’t want to go for the Big Guns? Try a portable or permanent Rotator® Sprinkler system.

Nelson is ready to help you explore your options for pivot corner irrigation, including the R2000WF and R33 Rotator® Sprinklers installed on either portable pipe or permanent buried pipe. Use 800 Series or 1000 Series Valves in conjunction with TWIG Wireless Control Systems for efficient and effective irrigation automation.

Rotator® technology is another great option for irrigating corners.



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