Make way for dry wheel tracks.

When you have excessive water in your system’s wheel tracks, the tires can slip and the system can slow down in wet areas and steep slopes, increasing the application depth in relation to other parts of the fields. Deep wheel track ruts also wear on equipment and decrease harvesting efficiency. Nelson Part Circle (PC) sprinklers direct the water off of the pivot structure at the towers and away from the wheel track to prevent deep wheel track ruts. Get overall field uniformity by preventing excessive slippage of the tires and maintaining a uniform speed of travel.

Nelson Part Circle sprinklers keep the towers clear for drier wheel tracks.

Choose from multiple options & configurations.

Nelson Irrigation offers several Part Circle options. Choose from the PC-Rotator®, PC-Spinner or PC-Sprayhead. All sprinklers are available in both 3000 Series (with 3TN Nozzle) and 3030 series (with 3NV Nozzle). The 3030 series utilizes the universal adapter (U3030). Part Circle sprinklers can be installed in a variety of configurations. Installing them on Boombacks improves the uniformity of the part-circle application area. When installed on straight drops make sure to carefully adjust the sprinkler orientation. For the PC Rotator®, mount only on a straight rigid drop or a hose boom, utilizing a torque clip and side-force control fitting such as the IACO Hose Boom.

IACO Hose Boom

Part Circle Rotator® sprinklers on IACO's Boombacks.



Part-Circle Pivot Sprinklers


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