Friday, January 21, 2022

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gene-rossNew* Overview of Nelson Center Pivot Sprinklers Best Practices and What's New, by Gene Ross 

Steve McCoon -1New* Outdoor and Indoor Riding Arena Dust Suppression Systems, by Steve McCoon 

StanImproving Hose Reel Irrigation with the Nelson Automatic Arc Timer, by Stan Hendley  

Jim-King_smallSuccessful Full Coverage and Dual Line Drip Combined Irrigation Systems, by Jim King

scott-harnAutomated Solid Set Big Gun® Systems, by Scott Harn 

Graham-Hutchinson-AThe Real Cost of Valve Ownership, by Graham Hutchinson 

johnIntroducing the S7 Spinner, by John Rowley  

clark-BauerEnd of Iron, by Clark Bauer 

StanUsing Irrigation To Improve Soils, by Stan Hendley 

jason_hestor_v2LEPA-LESA-LENA Irrigation for Center Pivots, by Jason Hester  

johnFull Coverage Irrigation for Orchards and Vineyards, by John Rowley 

evanValve Maintenance & Troubleshooting, by Evan Thompson 

gene-rossPivot Wheel Track Mitigation & Maintenance, by Gene Ross

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