Nelson almond orchard sprinkler irrigation system in California

Almonds & Tree Nuts

Choose Rotator® Sprinklers for your almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and other tree nuts. With Full Coverage Irrigation (FCI) at a low application rate, your orchard can grow deeper while you make every drop count.

Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation provides many benefits for nut growers, including:

  • Maximum root development & tree stability: Full coverage irrigation gives you a wider wetted radius, so the tree’s root structure is encouraged to grow and develop beyond what it would with a concentrated irrigation area (as with techniques like drip application). This maximized root development leads to improved stability and allows the trees to grow larger with higher fruit production throughout the orchard’s life span.
  • Cover Crop Benefits: With full coverage, you can grow cover crops between rows to improve the entire ecosystem of the orchard and generate extra revenue. Lucrative field crops can be planted between tree rows from the first year the orchard is planted, giving you maximum efficiency for your land. Cover crops also break down organic matter, add nutrients to soil that trees need to thrive, and attract beneficial insects that help to pollinate the trees. Maybe most importantly, cover crops in orchards help with water absorption and storage in the soil, giving the trees more opportunity to draw water when needed and avoiding water waste through runoff or evaporation.

Sprinkler options for tree nuts.

Nelson Irrigation offers numerous options for tree nuts, including the R5, R10, R10T and R2000 Rotator sprinklers. NOTE: Nelson Flow Control Nozzles can allow longer tube runs while keeping the flow the same at every sprinkler.

For one-sprinkler-per-tree solutions, consider the new 7 Series (the J7 Jet, S7 Spinner & R7 Rotator). The 7 Series micro-sprinkler line can transform from one sprinkler type to another. Each sprinkler type uses the same adapters, stake & tube assemblies, body, and nozzles. Therefore, each shares in the benefits of low pressure, flow control, quick-clean technology, and easy-change nozzles. Additionally, the same accessories, such as stream splitters and PVC stake & tube assemblies, can be used with each sprinkler type.

Irrigating almonds and tree nuts is a complicated task that depends on everything from your region to your choice of valve. Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used for almonds and tree nuts below, or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

Sample Irrigation Designs for Almonds - S7, R5, R10, R10T, R2000
Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation
Rotator® Sprinklers for Hazelnuts
S7 Spinners for Hazelnuts
S7 Spinner
S7 Spinner Features
Irrigating Hazelnut Trees
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