Nelson corn sprinkler irrigation system for farms


Take advantage of a versatile array of irrigation methods to produce the best yields for your corn crops.

Corn is extremely tolerant of different irrigation systems: Pivot and linear systems, permanent and portable solid set, and traveler hose reel irrigation are all very effective modes of operation for corn yields. Trust the Nelson Irrigation Rotator® and Big Gun® names for your chosen corn irrigation system type.

Center Pivot Irrigation for Corn.

The center pivot is widely used in corn production and represents a cost-effective, labor-saving solution. When configured with a uniform Rotator sprinkler package, the Orange plate provides the widest throw on drop tubes. Or, if you want up-top mounting on your system, both the Rotator and Accelerator offer advantages over spray heads and impact sprinklers.

Solid Set Irrigation for Corn.

Portable or permanent solid set systems are ideal in smaller-sized or unusually shaped fields where it is not practical or possible to use a pivot. With no vibration, the R2000WF and R33 are the best sprinkler options for the high risers required for corn. Typical spacings for the R2000WF are 30' x 40', 40' x 40', or 40' x 50'. Use the Nelson #10352 and #10060-002 PVC fittings for cost-effective riser extensions. Typical spacings for the R33 and R33LP are 40' x 50', 50' x 50', or 40' x 60'.

Solid set systems have the potential to match the high uniformity of the pivot option when closer spacings are used in low-wind conditions. Where water volume and pumping capacity are available, Rotator systems are the best option to combat adverse environmental conditions, such as dust blowing at germination time.

Traveler Hose Reel Irrigation for Corn.

The Big Gun sprinkler on a traveler offers mobility with low labor costs. Travelers can irrigate smaller and rectangular-shaped fields that are not practical to irrigate with a linear system or pivot. Placement and setup of the equipment in the field is for the most part mechanized. These systems are also easily adaptable to incorporate wastewater. They require higher pressure and have little to no filtration expenses. The high trajectory angle and extended mounting height of a Big Gun on a traveler makes it able to project water over the top of a tall crop, like corn.

Irrigating corn is a complicated task that depends on everything from your region to your choice of valve. Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used corn below, or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

Orbitor FX Center Pivot Sprinkler
Irrigating Corn with the Nelson Orbitor
Irrigating Corn with the Nelson Rotator
Navy Plate Accelerator Sprinkler
Nelson Accelerator Irrigating corn
Nelson White Plate Rotator® Irrigating Corn
Traveler Hose Reel and the Nelson Big Gun® Sprinkler Irrigating Corn
Recommended products for Corn

Radius is king

Pressure: 10-50 psi (0.7-3.4 bar)

Diameter: 50-74 ft (15.2-22.6 m)

Nozzle Size: #12-50

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Economical / low-pressure

Pressure: 6-15 psi (0.4-1 bar)

Diameter: 30-59 ft (9.1-18 m)

Nozzle Size: #10-50

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Orbitor FX

Orbitor technology up-top

Pressure: 6-10 psi (0.4-0.7 bar)

Diameter: 32-52 ft (9.8-15.8 m)

Nozzle Size: #12-50

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Low maintenance and no drool

Pressure: 6-20 psi (0.4-1.4 bar)

Diameter: 36-60 ft (11-18.3 m)

Nozzle Size: #11-50

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R55 End of Pivot Sprinklers

Short-range, low-pressure

Flow: 20-105 gpm (4.2-23.6 m3/hr)

Pressure: 15-60 psi (1-4 bar)

Radius: 40-56 ft (12.2-16.9 m)

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R75 End of Pivot Sprinklers

Mid-range, low-pressure

Flow: 24-70 gpm (5.4-15.4 m3/hr)

Pressure: 25-60 psi (1.75-4 bar)

Radius: 50-70 ft (14.9-21 m)

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R2000WF/R2000LP Rotator®

The Windfighter delivers maximum uniformity.

Flow: 0.9-5.7 gpm (204-1295 lph)

Pressure: 25-65 psi (1.75-4.5 bar)

Radius: 30-45 ft (9.1-13.7 m)

Nozzle Size: #10-20 2TN

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R33-NV/R33LP-NV Rotator®

Rotator® technology in a 3/4" sprinkler

Flow: 2.8-11 gpm (638-2524 lph)

Pressure: 25-65 psi (1.8-4.5 bar)

Radius: 39-52 ft (12-16 m)

Nozzle Size: 9/64"-7/32"

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75 Series Big Gun®

Excellent option when flow or pressure are limited

Flow: 25-160 gpm (6-36 m3/hr)

Pressure: 25-80 psi (1.75-5.5 bar)

Radius: 75-140 ft (23-43 m)

Trajectory: 18°, 21°, 24°, 43°

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Part Circle SR150

Part-circle operation for the ultimate traveling sprinkler or field edge.