Nelson rice sprinkler irrigation system for farms


Rice is a critical food staple for much of the planet.

Although most rice is grown with flood irrigation, center pivot irrigation is a way to reduce water use and allow rice to be added to crop rotations on fields that otherwise would not be possible due to elevation changes and soil variation. Well-designed center pivots can also reduce energy use and conserve soil, fertilizer, and pesticides by eliminating runoff and deep percolation.

Irrigating rice requires light, frequent applications of water in the early part of the season, and heavier, consistent applications in the latter part. With the widest throw diameter on drops in the industry, Nelson R3030 Rotator® Sprinklers and part circle sprinklers are the best way to create highly efficient and effective water application packages for rice and help feed the world while preserving precious water and soil resources. The S3030 Spinner is another good choice for its gentle droplet pattern, even at low pressure.

Irrigating rice with mechanized systems is a recent and exciting evolution in irrigated agriculture. Using Nelson 3030 Series Pivot Products, Center Pivot Irrigation systems can now bring new ground into production and improve irrigation efficiencies on existing rice fields around the world. 

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Irrigating Rice with the Nelson R3000 Sprinkler
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