Nelson soybean sprinkler irrigation system for farms


Soybeans are irrigated through a variety of methods, including mechanized irrigation (center pivots), hard hose travelers, and solid set irrigation.

Soybeans are one of the world’s most important crops and are a critical piece in many crop rotations. These plants are grown for both protein and oil. Soybean Irrigation systems should provide for good germination and should maintain adequate crop growth through the vegetative stage.

Irrigation management is most critical during the reproductive stage—pod development and seed fill. The soybean plant should be fully watered during this time to maximize yield.

Nelson 3030 Series Pivot products offer the best means of matching your crop requirements, soil types, topography, water quality, and other variables to maximize your yield potential. It is essential to consider your entire crop rotation when choosing your sprinkler package and choose what is best for the toughest application and/or most valuable crop.

One constant in agriculture is improving yields by applying water when needed and in a manner that reduces surface sealing and runoff. You must do this by finding the right mix for your plant material and region. The Nelson family of products will satisfy your specific GeoCropical® considerations.  

Irrigating soybeans is a complicated task that depends on everything from your region to your choice of valve. Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used for soybean irrigation decisions below. Or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

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3030 Series Center Pivot Sprinkler
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