Nelson sugar beets sprinkler irrigation system for farms

Sugar Beets

Irrigation management for sugar beets requires the right tools to maximize yield and profitability, especially when using mechanized irrigation. 

Reduce the chance of lowering the quality and sugar percentage in your sugar beets due to over irrigation. Nelson Irrigation Corporation has a wide range of tools to match the soil types, topography, and water quality to reduce surface sealing and runoff. Depending on your area, the use of the dual nozzle clips for pre plant, germination and emergence can get all the seeds to sprout. Due to the variations in environments sugar beets are grown in one sprinkler does not fit all situations. Products like the R3030 Rotator® with the Brown or Olive plate provide very high uniformity and droplet size to treat the soil gently with a wide radius that allows application rates to maintain the soil profile requirements. In areas with a lot of surface water and organic material, the O3030 Orbitor with the Purple plate has been a proven product that delivers fine droplets. Not all operations are the same but the need to get the water in the ground is critical the world over.

For solid set and wheel line operators, the R2000WF and R33 provide an opportunity to improve uniformity, while having a long-lasting plastic product that outperforms the historic brass impact. 

Proper irrigation timing can help maximize sugar beet yields. Some sugar beet farms are now using the 1000 and 800 Series Valves with TWIG® Wireless Control to help manage this type of irrigation and reduce the labor time. Nelson has a long history of working with sugar producers in the northwest United States and have provided that experience to producers around the world.

Irrigating sugar beets is a complicated task that depends on everything from your region to your choice of valve. Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used for sugar beets below, or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

3030 Series Center Pivot Sprinkler
Brown Rotator Plate
Olive Rotator Plate
R33 on Wheel Line
Recommended products for Sugar Beets