Nelson sugarcane sprinkler irrigation system for farms


Nelson Irrigation offers a full range of water application solutions for irrigating sugarcane.

When irrigating sugarcane, your choice of sprinkler depends on your choice of irrigation system. Choose 3030 Series Pivot Products and Pressure Regulators for center pivot or linear applications, R33 Rotator® Sprinklers for portable set applications, and Big Gun® Sprinklers for solid set or traveler irrigation. Combine with 800 Series Control Valves and ACV200 Air Control Valves for optimal system performance. 

Center pivot

The center pivot or linear system is widely used to irrigate sugarcane and represents a cost-effective, labor-saving solution. The Nelson R3030 Rotator delivers the highest level of uniformity in combination with the widest throw of all sprinklers mounted on drops. The Nelson R3030 Rotator with White plate is an excellent choice when sprinklers are mounted on top of the pivot. This is becoming more common on tall crops. The O3030 Orbitor offers lower pressure operation and resistance to plugging. The S3030 Yellow plate Spinner offers a combination of lower pressure operation and lower trajectories for wind resistance. All Nelson pivot sprinklers are mounted with the Nelson single-strut pressure regulator, an innovated design that significantly reduces plugging upstream of the regulator.

Solid set

Where portable hand-moved sprinkler irrigation systems are used, the R33 and R33LP Rotators offer significant advantages. Our sprinklers eliminate riser vibration, which means they can be mounted on taller risers. The compact design also reduces breakage during daily pipe moves. In general, you can count on the Rotator technology to deliver high uniformity of water application.

High volume and travelers

Big Gun Sprinkler used on portable irrigation systems are often operated for 2000 hours a year. The Nelson Big Gun has the reliability to handle this duty. Portable systems are moved several times a day, which can add wear and tear to equipment, but the Nelson Big Gun has the strength and durability to last. Labor requirements can be reduced by using the Nelson TWIG wireless control system together with the Big Guns and 1000 Series control valves.

Hose reel travelers are a form of mechanized irrigation often used to irrigate irregularly shaped fields that aren’t suited to center pivot or linear systems. Hours of use per year are high and water quality is often poor. No filtration is required with Big Guns, and the design ensures reliable operation for year after yield.

Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used for sugarcane below, or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

3030 Series Center Pivot Sprinkler
Irrigating Sugarcane with Nelson Irrigation Sprinklers
Navy Plate Accelerator Sprinkler
White Rotator Plate
R33 In Sugar Cane
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