Nelson vineyard sprinkler irrigation system for farms


Nelson Rotator® Sprinklers are perfect for the unique irrigation challenges of vineyard crops around the world.

The quest for vineyard efficiency can be overwhelming. Control over vine growth, no matter the circumstances, is paramount to producing high-quality grapes. Nelson Rotator® Sprinklers offer just this precision, and with no drive arms to hang up on the canes that develop during the irrigation season, they’re the right choice for vineyards. 

The Rotator line of sprinklers has the right sized droplets and streams to penetrate the canopy of vineyards, and is often used in dual systems along with a drip system for just the right set of irrigation tools that a vineyard needs.

With a wide range of nozzle flow ranges, pressure ranges, and stream trajectories to match, vineyards benefit on steep or uneven terrain. The robust design and construction of Rotators are used in both hand- and mechanical-harvested vineyards while presenting no advantages for thieves that would steal a brass impact sprinkler for the melt value.

Irrigating vineyards is a complicated task that depends on everything from your region to your choice of valve. Explore some of the Nelson products commonly used for vineyards below, or get in touch with the territory manager in your area so we can help find the right solution for you.

Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation
Nelson Irrigation Rotator® Sprinklers For Trees, Vines & Row Crops
Nelson R10 Rotator® Tree and Vine Sprinkler
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