Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Center Pivot Irrigation Is Efficient, Effective & Economical

Looking for Efficient, Effective, & Economic Sprinkler Solutions? Why Center Pivot Irrigation Is the Clear Choice

When it comes to center pivot irrigation systems, everyone has different needs. At some point during the process, however, the same three considerations come into play: efficiency, effectiveness, and economic viability. Let’s take a look at each, as well as how the right system will allow you to optimize all three. 


The efficiency of your center pivot irrigation system will depend on a variety of factors, including climate, irrigation scheduling, uniformity, and runoff. 

With so many variables at play, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the components that will make up your system. Regardless of your unique needs, though, the right center pivot irrigation system is capable of high efficiency. One of the biggest challenges in some areas is overcoming runoff. In addition to the actual loss of water, runoff is accompanied by energy loss, fertilizer loss, and reduced crop yield. Such effects last for the duration of the season and often the life of the system if not rectified. 

Independent studies have shown the most effective way to prevent runoff is by using sprinklers with the greatest radius of throw possible. The more you increase the radius of throw, the less runoff potential there is because the irrigation application rate is reduced.


Like efficiency, the effectiveness of your center pivot irrigation system is going to depend on a variety of factors. One of the most influential variables will be the hardware. The right pieces will allow for adjustability, account for the height of the crops, and mitigate wheel track problems. 

Wheel track problems are a major hurdle to effectiveness because they hinder uniform application. Further, when the configuration of the hardware is not ideal, excessive water can accumulate in the wheel tracks, causing the tires to slip on wet areas and steep slopes. The deep ruts that result place unnecessary strain on the equipment, speeding up its wear and tear. They also make it virtually impossible to harvest the crops efficiently.   

The right hardware will also make it easy to control everything from droplet size to throw distance with extreme precision. When these features are calibrated properly, each sprinkler’s performance will be unmatched, and the crops will thrive. 


From an economic standpoint, center pivot irrigation systems are the clear choice. The same features that enhance the system’s efficiency and effectiveness also make it more economical because they reduce water, energy, and fertilizer waste. The sprinkler hardware on the market today is UV resistant, reliable, field-proven, debris-resistant, and designed to last. Moreover, advanced sprinkler technology can combat wind drift and evaporative loss.

Start Designing Your Center Pivot Irrigation System Today!

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