Big Gun® Sprinklers

Add-On Kits

Have a unique problem to solve with your Big Gun® sprinkler? Look no further. Special accessories are available for those random problems.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

Add-On Kits

Add-On Kits

In special applications, the following accessories can solves problems that can cause unsteady sprinkler operation.

  • Dust Shield: Protect against buildup of suspended solids that may cause sprinkler stalling.
  • LP Drive Vane: Improve rotation speed at low pressures, available for the SR100 only.
  • Counterbalance Kit: Improve rotation speed on tilted/non-vertical sprinkler risers.
  • Manure/Large Nozzle Kit: Improve rotation speed of the SR200 when pumping slurry or extremely high pressures/flows.

Other special accessories:

  • Arc Timer: Automatically change the SR150 arc on hose reel traveler machines.
  • Stream Straightener Vane: Improve sprinkler throw distance by reducing turbulence at the sprinkler entrance caused by pipe fittings and valves.
  • Wedge Kit: Raises the sprinkler stream height by increasing the trajectory by 12 degrees.
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