Taper Bore, Taper Ring, and Ring nozzles provide unique advantages for different needs and applications. Or choose a secondary nozzle to improve uniformity.

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The taper bore nozzle is the "standard" for most applications and offers greatest flow capacity and least stream diffusion, resulting in best air penetration and furthest throw distance.  

The taper ring nozzle is useful in situations where the flow rate may need to change due to crop demands or water availability, yet a good throw distance and minimal diffusion is desired. It presents a good compromise between the interchangeable ring nozzle and the highly efficient taper bore nozzle. Available in aluminum (75, 100, and 150 Series) or plastic (100 and 150 Series).

Just like their aluminum counterparts, plastic taper ring nozzles simplify customizing the flow to crop demands, but at a fraction of the cost of aluminum. They are ideal for traveler applications when nozzle changes are more frequent.

The ring nozzle is designed to be interchangeable and also give the greatest stream diffusion. Available for the 100 Series, 150 Series, and 200 Series.

Secondary nozzles are available to apply more water in-close around the sprinkler, which can improve uniformity in systems where sprinklers are spaced further apart than head-to-head.

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