Control Valves

1000 Series Pressure Reducing Valves

The most accurate and responsive pressure regulating valves in irrigation.

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Control Valves

1000 Series Pressure Reducing Valves

1000 Series Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves are used anywhere you need to reduce a higher inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure. Applications include center pivot points, sprinkler and drip irrigation zone control valves, gravity-fed mainlines, and submain turnouts. The Nelson pressure control pilot is famous for precision accuracy and responsiveness, to ensure stable pressure regulation.

  • Accurate 3-way control pilot reduces filtration requirements
  • Fine-tune the pressure by hand; no tools required.
  • Adjustment label simplifies setting the regulated pressure before installation
  • Function label with clearly marked ports makes plumbing easy.
  • Adjustment ranges: 5-30 psi / 5-60 psi / 10-120 psi
  • Can be combined with other functions, including solenoid on/off, pressure sustaining, and rate-of-flow.
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