Command & Control

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Nelson Irrigation began manufacturing high quality valves over 30 years ago to provide efficient water control specifically for agricultural irrigation. Previous to this, farmers were using complicated and expensive valves designed for water utilities and heavy industrial projects. Those valves often required excessive pressure and were difficult to install and operate. After initially starting with just a 6" cast iron valve, the product line has continued to grow with 2-8" sizes, advanced aluminum and plastic materials, and patented pressure control solutions.

Solutions for Every Application
Pivot Point to End Gun

Automate center pivots with pressure and/or flow control valves to prevent water hammer and pressure fluctuations. For reliable control of primary or secondary end guns use the 800P or 1000P.

Zone Control

Accurate and stable pressure reducing valves maintain a truly constant pressure at each block for total farm uniformity. Incorporate TWIG® Wireless Controls for system automation.

Pump & Filter Stations

Maintain hydraulic stability with continuous acting air vents and a pressure sustaining and/or reducing valve. Use a pressure sustaining-normally open (PSNO) valve at filter stations to provide optimum backflush pressure.

Premium Performance

Not all valves are created equal. As a hydraulically operated sleeve-type valve, Nelson control valves are designed for reliable and efficient operation. There simply isn’t any other valve with better hydraulic performance – from the smooth open/close, to the ultra-accurate pressure control pilot and high flow capacity. Every Nelson valve is custom built and is functionally tested before it goes out the door.

American made. Built to last.

Built in the USA with integrity and ingenuity, Nelson Irrigation equipment is the world standard in agricultural and industrial water application. We have a long history of blazing new trails, and our spirit of innovation anchors us to this day.

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