Pivot Sprinklers

Converters / Adapters

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Pivot Sprinklers

Converters / Adapters

Converters / Adapters

Sprinkler Converter

The Accelerator & Sprayhead body provides a great platform for LEPA, LESA, and LENA solutions to customize the sprinkler performance throughout the crop growth stages. Alternate between LEPA (Low-Energy Precision Application) with the bubble wide plate, a LESA (Low-Elevation Sprinkler Application) solution with a traditional spray plate, and/or an Accelerator for a true LENA (Low Energy Nelson Advantage) solution that maximizes the benefits of a large throw radius with low-elevation mounting.

Hose Drag

Hose drag or drag socks keep the plant canopy dry and water is applied directly to the furrow. There are two options for hose drag applications:

  • Flip-over hose drag cap assembly: for R3030/S3030 & A3030/D3030 Body (simply flip to fit).
  • Hose Drag Adapter: used with a U3030 body, or directly to square thread regulator with 3TN nozzle.

Bubbler Clip

Transform the D3000 Sprayhead into a LEPA Bubbler by inverting the D3000 Cap and attaching a bubbler clip to the D3000 Body. (Not to be used with second spray plate.)

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