Pivot Sprinklers


From Pivot Point To End Gun - the Nelson package is now even more complete! Choose from 6 models of drop connections. Gooseneck, Geeseneck and 125°.

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Pivot Sprinklers



Superior Flow Capacity Saves Energy

  •  Spinweld technology allows for larger and more efficient inside diameters.
  •  180° goosenecks have less than half the friction loss of comparable products (1 psi {0.07 bar} of friction loss @ 22 gpm {83 lpm}).

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Plastic

  •  Lower cost than traditional metal goosenecks.
  •  Will not rust over time, therefore prevents nozzle plugging.
  •  Can handle intense tension force.

3/4" MNPT Inlet

  •  Eliminates extra fittings and provides easier and more reliable installation into span pipe.

Unique Geeseneck

The dual outlet geeseneck allows you to combine an up-top system with sprinklers on drops. Or for LEPA systems, add a 180° gooseneck to have three drops off one outlet.

Installation Notes:

If adding sealant, use only Teflon tape or pipe lubricants safe for plastics. When used on semi-rigid or rigid drops, limit drop length to 96 inches (2.4 m) AND one foot (0.31 m) below trussing in span center. For ease of installation, retrofit packages may require chasing coupler threads with a tap. 


Please read our Warranty information and detailed Product Performance Notes for important information.