Pivot Sprinklers

Nozzle Clips

Precisely match water requirements throughout the season.

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Pivot Sprinklers

Nozzle Clips

Nozzle Clips

These devices allow you to precisely match crop water requirements throughout the season by quickly changing the sprinkler flow rate. During germination, lower system flow rates lessen the intensity of water droplets to maintain proper soil structure and reduce runoff. As crop needs increase, the high-flow nozzle can be quickly installed. Additionally, in some areas water availability decreases throughout the year, so the low-flow nozzle can be installed to maintain optimum performance of the center pivot.

  • 3TN Nozzle Clip: available in dual or triple nozzle versions for 3000 Series sprinklers.
  • 3NV Dual Nozzle Clip: for 3030 Series sprinklers. Requires the 3NV nozzle removal tool (#12560) to remove nozzles from the clip.
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