Remotely operate your irrigation system from anywhere using the mobile app and the "master controller" of the TWIG® Wireless System.

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The TWIG-MC is the "brain" of the TWIG wireless system. And since it is operated by your own mobile device using the iOS or Android app, it is truly a simple and enjoyable experience to operate. Gone are the days of the irrigation manager handing a new, complicated automation system to the irrigator, only to see it remain untouched and abandoned years later.

The TWIG-MC turns valves on/off by sending commands to the TWIG radios in the field via a Hub that manages the radio network.


  • Full mobile control using TWIG-MC app on your iOS or Android device, over Bluetooth® or remote through a user provided internet connection.
  • Internet ready (user provided connection or cell modem)
  • No subscription fees
  • Map irrigation blocks
  • Easy to program
  • Programs are saved on the controller, not in the "cloud" or on your device, which means irrigation will continue despite cell or other internet outages.


  • 2 pressure sensor inputs
  • 1 flow meter input (pulse)
  • 2 pump start contacts (DC latching, 5 amp max at 120VAC)
  • 100-240 Volt AC or optional 12 Volt DC battery with solar charging kit (sold separately).
  • Connects to the TWIG-V Hub, which manages the radio network (up to 100 TWIG-V devices and 8 TWIG-V repeaters).
  • Backwards compatible with legacy (1st gen) TWIGs using the TWIG Hub.
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