TWIG® Wireless Automation Controls

TD200 TWIG® Controller

The first generation TWIG® irrigation valve controller: simple, reliable, rugged.

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TWIG® Wireless Automation Controls

TD200 TWIG® Controller

TD200 TWIG® Controller

The TD200 Controller set the standard in simple and reliable wireless controllers. Designed with the irrigator in mind, it is easy to learn and use.

  • Can control up to 100 total TWIG devices, which includes up to 9 TWIG Repeaters
  • Reliable, two-way data transfer every 20 seconds.
  • Uses external OMNI antenna to communicate with TWIG Repeaters and TWIGs.
  • Up to 50 irrigation programs, easy to set up and use, with infinite flexibility.
  • Unlimited start times.
  • Pause programs
  • Irrigation events and flow meter readings can be data logged to the included USB memory stick.
  • Optional power sources: 100-240 Volt AC, or 12 volt DC battery with solar charger.
  • Reads actual battery and radio signal strength of each TWIG in the network.
  • Can be connected to approved third party controllers to bring wireless valve control to existing systems. Contact factory for details.
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