Turn valves on/off at the command of the TWIG-MC.

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The TWIG-V is the workhorse of the TWIG Wireless System. It communicates with the TWIG-V Hub to turn the valve on and off at the command of the TWIG-MC. It is installed next to the irrigation valves in the field and is wired to the 12 VDC latching solenoid on the valve. Setup and diagnostics are done using the TWIG-V app via Bluetooth®.

  • Operate one or two solenoid-operated valves, independently
  • Internal antennas are standard; external antennas available where line-of-sight radio communication is not possible.
  • Low-power design uses two standard, D-cell batteries (included) for a full season of reliable operation
  • Fast-response radio communication occurs in 3 seconds
  • Rugged, fully sealed enclosure with no buttons or door.
  • Bluetooth® setup using the TWIG-V app: test-fire solenoids, check battery and signal strength, and connect to a TWIG-V Network.
  • Communicates with the TWIG-V Hub or TWIG-V Repeater for extended range
  • Up to 100 TWIG-V devices in a network
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