Field Crops

Road Guard Sprinkler

Edge-of-field road protection sprinklers.

R10 in Hazelnut orchard and edge to edge cover crop
R10 in Hazelnut orchard and edge to edge cover crop

Keep water only where it needs to be.

Maintain precision and efficiency at the highest level of performance when you add Road Guards to Rotator® technology.

Orchard Applications

Nelson offers several road guards for orchards, depending on the application and Rotator product. The legacy-style Road Guard is available in either a high angle (9879) or low angle (9590-030) configuration. Each of these can be attached to many Rotator products, including the R10 and R10T. As the rotating stream comes around, it hits the specially designed plastic guard and throws the water backwards over the top of the sprinkler about 12 feet, and provides an approximately 200° wetted area. Be sure to select the correct model for your application.

Nelson Sprinklers and road protection guards in a California Onion Field
PC-R2000WF with included road guard along the edge of a carrot crop.

High-Value Vegetable Applications

In a high value vegetable application, where precision watering is crucial during germination, the PC-R200WF offers a great alternative to legacy-style high or low-angle Road Guards attached to sprinklers. The PC-R2000WF is a modified R2000WF sprinkler in which the diffuser is removed, and the specified nozzle size should be 20% smaller than those used throughout the interior of the field. A Road Guard is pre-attached to place water in just the right area, which lets you avoid puddling and improve uniformity. This sprinkler/Road Guard combination is orange for easy identification and provides a crisp, clean 190 degree pattern.

Nelson PC-R2000WF Edge of Field Sprinkler
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