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Solid Set Irrigation

A solid choice.

Nelson Windfighter Sprinklers on Certa-Set portable pipe.
Nelson Windfighter Sprinklers on Certa-Set portable pipe.

Solid Set Irrigation is a versatile irrigation method that can be designed precisely to your needs.

Nelson products rise to the challenge of that customization with a variety of options so you can tailor your solution to your GeoCropical® profile.

Portable Solid Set Sprinkler Systems

In a portable solid set arrangement, pipe can be removed from the field for cultivation practices, eliminating the necessity of farming around sprinkler risers. Portable arrangements are also perfect for following the crop rotation throughout all your fields, or just from location to location within the same field in order to improve overall uniformity. Depending on the Geocropical requirements, a variety of Nelson products are popular for portable solid set systems, including: R2000WF Rotator® Sprinklers, Mini Drain Checks, Mini Regulator Drain Checks, R33 sprinklers, Big Gun® Sprinklers, control valves, and even automation. The R2000WF has an extremely uniform pattern and is built tough to withstand the heavy abuse typically seen in portable applications. Listen to what this dealer from El Centro, California has to say about the Nelson Windfighter®.

The most commonly used portable solid set applications in the United States use aluminum pipe, which can be moved from field to field for crop rotation or other practices. These systems commonly use smaller sprinklers such as the R2000 Windfighter. In many instances these systems are rented by dealers to growers. This practice in common on high-value vegetable crops in California.

R2000WF Rotator Sprinklers on aluminum pipe in California.
R2000WF Rotator Sprinklers on aluminum pipe in California.

Permanent Solid Set Systems

Permanent solid set systems are stationary and cannot be moved. Permanent systems require less labor because they are not being moved and usually require less maintenance for the wear that moving entails. We see many of these systems in tree crops, vineyards, and sometimes open field applications. The selection of products to be used in permanent solid set depends on the application. Products can vary from Big Gun sprinklers used with valves to smaller Rotator products such as the R2000WF, R10, R10T and R2000.

Nelson Big Gun and solid set control valve on an Idaho farm
The Big Gun® is an ideal choice for odd-shaped fields.

Product selection and guide for portable or permanent solid set applications:

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers

Nelson Big Gun sprinklers are an excellent choice for portable or permanent applications. Because of their large throw diameter and high water application rates for minimal operation times they are often used in pastures, open fields, corn, and grain crops.

The most popular Big Gun sprinklers for solid set irrigation are the 75 Series and 100 Series. These tend to offer the best balance of sprinkler spacing, application rate, required pipe diameter and operating pressure.

With the addition of Nelson valves (800 Series or 1000 Series) and the TWIG® Automation system you have the optimal high volume irrigation system that quickly offers return on investment due to the decrease in labor and ease of operation.

Rotator® Sprinklers

The full line up of Nelson Rotator sprinklers from the R10 all the way up to the R33 can be seen on permanent and portable applications. In field crop applications the R2000WF and R33 are the stars. These sprinklers are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of moving from field to field and farm operations.

With Nelson’s expansive line up of accessory products you can have a system designed for peak performance not seen in systems with other sprinklers like brass impacts. Including a pressure regulator drain check on each sprinkler eliminates any dribble down and water pooling at the riser commonly seen with brass impacts and ensures each sprinkler operates at the same flow across a field for the most uniform performance. Add in the Nelson Valves and TWIG® automation and you have a system that allow you to almost set it and forget it if you want while also allowing you to be super reactive to changing situations at any point.

Steve Alameda and the Windfighter Sprinkler
Ryan Mamer and the Windfighter Sprinkler
Rosalio and the Windfighter Sprinkler
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