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Wheel Line Irrigation

Let it roll.

Nelson irrigation wheel line sprinkler system
Better than brass: Rotator® Sprinklers like the R33 are made of field-proven plastics.

A portable, labor-saving option.

Wheel lines, also known as siderolls, are periodic move systems that are typically stationary for 8-, 12-, or 24-hour sets. When placed on a wheel line, Nelson’s R2000WF & R33 Rotator® Sprinklers give you unmatched uniformity and durability. Though brass impact sprinklers have a long history on wheel lines, Nelson Irrigation's durable plastics are becoming the industry standard.

Issues with brass impacts include:

  • Breakage prone and difficult to repair
  • Susceptibility to plugging.
  • Theft: Brass is easy to scrap.
  • Poor uniformity: over-irrigation around the sprinkler due to “splash down” from the drive arm.
Wheel line irrigation sprinkler system  with Nelson Rotators
R33 Rotator® Sprinklers on a wheel line in Eastern Washington.

Rotator® Technology is the way to go.

Field-proven uniformity: Options to fit the specific needs of the grower to get the best results.

  • Durable: Made of high strength polymer.
  • Withstands breakage: Can withstand bumps from equipment and rotating mechanism is secured in the body preventing issues with misalignment that a brass impacts might face.
  • Easy to use: Easy to clean and easy to repair.

Precision engineering and manufacturing create a highly durable polymer sprinkler with extremely accurate nozzle sizing. All Rotator sprinklers go through an intensive quality assurance check ensuring long wear life. Low cost, consumable parts are easily repaired by hand. No special tools required. 

R33NV Rotator® Sprinklers
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