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Hose Reel Traveler Irrigation

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Nelson Big Gun hose reel sled irrigating corn
150 Series Big Gun Sprinklers are engineered to reward you for the long haul.

Advantages of hose reel traveler irrigation.

Traveling sprinklers were developed as an affordable means to significantly reduce labor and increase irrigation uniformity, especially for odd shaped fields. The primary advantages include:

  • Continuous movement contributes to uniformity
  • Adaptable to irregular fields, obstructions, and undulating terrain
  • Low labor requirement
  • Extremely portable and storable
  • Irrigate a wide range of crops

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are ideally suited for hose reel traveler irrigation for a number of reasons including:

  • Durability for long-lasting, reliable operation
  • Flexibility with a variety of nozzle sizes and types
  • Reparability: Easy to repair with readily available parts.
Nelson Big Gun hose reel sprinkler irrigating vegetables
Big Gun Sprinklers are adaptable for a variety of crops in hose reel irrigation.

The premium performance of Big Gun® Sprinklers

The sprinkler size, trajectory, and nozzle options from Nelson provide a customizable solution for your hose reel traveler. The most popular Big Gun Sprinklers for hose reel traveler irrigation are the 100 Series and 150 Series. These water cannons pair to the most common hose reel machines for application rate, flow, and operating pressure. For smaller machines, the 75 Series may be better suited. The 200 Series Big Gun is best suited for the largest hose reel traveler machines and its high volume and long radius of throw are as impressive as they are effective.

Sprinklers with 21° trajectory are most commonly used on hose reel travelers because they offer the best balance of throw distance and wind resistance. Higher trajectories (24° and 27°) are also available to maximize the distance of throw in calm conditions. 

Plastic nozzles on Nelson Big Gun sprinkler
Change your Big Gun nozzle in a snap.

Precision engineered for irrigation and wastewater applications.

The Big Gun's efficient taper ring nozzles provide an excellent balance between stream diffusion and throw distance. They are interchangeable to simplify the customization of the sprinkler flow rate to the crop needs. The new 100 and 150 Series plastic nozzles are an economical alternative to aluminum and are made from the same field-proven material as Nelson pivot sprinkler nozzles.

Hose reel travelers featuring Nelson Big Gun water cannons are also a useful solution for eliminating wastewater. The Big Gun’s large nozzle sizes reduce the level of waste treatment or filtration required, and their large throw diameters reduce the application rate. Low-trajectory options can reduce susceptibility to drift and evaporation.

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Hose Reel Traveler with SR150 Big Gun Sprinkler Irrigating Nursery
Traveler Hose Reel and the Nelson Big Gun® Sprinkler Irrigating Corn
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