High Volume

Log Yard Wet Storage

Protecting your investment.

Nelson Big Gun irrigating a log yard storage area
Big Gun Sprinklers bring the wide water coverage that’s essential in log yards.

Stop degradation before it starts. 

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are used to wet log piles in storage to reduce the amount of degradation lost to staining, checking, and insects. Combine Big Guns with Nelson Control Valves and TWIG® Wireless Controls to create an efficient system that will reduce labor and eliminate the polluted runoff caused by overwatering.

Nelson Big Gun high volume water canon
The original Big Gun is a powerful sprinkler with lasting efficiency.

Big Gun® Sprinklers are the ideal solution for log wetting.

The large throw diameters, wide operating pressure range, and multiple trajectory options that are core to Big Gun Sprinklers make them perfect for log yard wet storage. They’re designed to reliably operate in the toughest industrial and agricultural applications. You can get even more out of your system by mounting Nelson control valves directly on the sprinkler or in blocks for high efficiency. Nelson valves have minimal pressure loss, resulting in better pressure at the sprinkler for optimum water application. Nelson TWIG Wireless Controls allow reliable remote operation, so you only water when and where you want. And since it’s a wireless system, there are no wires to worry about, and it can be used on portable systems.

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