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Sports Field

The game must go on.

Nelson Big Gun Irrigation system at the Olympic soccer stadium
Big Gun Sprinkler watering a field hockey field in Athens, Greece, during the 2004 Olympics.

The Big Gun® Sprinkler’s power is essential for quick and efficient sports field irrigation. 

Nelson Big Gun sprinklers are ideal for sports field irrigation and sports turf cooling and cleaning. With a full range of models, flow rates of 30-1200 GPM (6.8-275 m3/hr) can be achieved with maximum uniformity to match a variety of field sizes.

There are several ways to install Big Gun sprinklers in sports field applications.

  • The sprinklers can be mounted on risers away from the field and people
  • Inside large boxes with hydraulic covers away from the field
  • Utilizing the portable, QC Valve system so that the sprinkler can be easily removed and the valve box covered when not in use
Nelson Big Gun sprinkler in a community sports field complex
Close-up on the Quick Control Valve.

Quick-coupling system is ideal for portable/removable systems.

The QC Valve system is beneficial because it keeps sprinklers off the field where they may cause injuries. The quick-coupling key makes attaching the sprinkler to the valve effortless and it can be done on a pressurized system. Connecting the hydraulic assist smoothly opens the valve and starts the flow of water. Disconnection and moving the gun to the next valve location is just as quick and easy. 

The system can also be equipped for automated or semi-automated operation to reduce time and labor. Wireless, battery operated controls like the Nelson TWIG wireless control system can be configured on the Big Gun Quick Coupling arrangement to automate watering times or remotely actuate individual sprinklers. Ideal applications include hard-to-reach areas such as parks, cemeteries, athletic fields and other spots where it is not practical or economical to install a hard-wired controller.

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