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Dirty jobs.

Nelson Big Gun irrigating with farm wastewater
Not a sprinkler you'd want to run through! This Big Gun easily and powerfully disperses wastewater.

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are rugged enough to handle the land application of wastewater, from mining to food processing.

There are a variety of methods for applying wastewater, including center pivot systems, travelers, and solid set sprinklers. The Nelson Big Gun is often the first place engineers look, since Big Gun sprinklers are less susceptible to plugging and world-renowned for their rugged durability. A full range of models can accommodate flow rates and operating pressures to meet the needs of any application. And with the widest range of custom nozzles, protective coatings, and accessories, Nelson Irrigation's engineers have made the Big Gun Sprinkler the go-to choice for wastewater solutions.

Nelson Orbitor sprinklers on a municipal wastewater system
The Orbitor shines in wastewater applications.

Pivot sprinklers that pass trash with panache.

Center pivot systems can also be effective means of applying wastewater. The open architecture of the T3000 Trashbuster Pivot Sprinkler passes trash easily. Use it in conjunction with spray or Rotator® plates and the 3000FC flexible flow-control nozzle for pressure regulation that eliminates plugging. The O3030 Orbitor also is proven with wastewater, as its bracketless design prevents stalling, and the 3NV Nozzle system is easy to flush.

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