Non-Agricultural Applications

Dust Suppression

Clear the air.

Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler with 800 Series Valve and ACV200 on coal dust pile.
Heavy-duty reliability only found in Big Gun® sprinklers

Tough enough for the toughest of environments.

The rugged durability of Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers makes them a favorite for mining dust suppression. With completely sealed ball bearings and anodized, powder coated, or stainless steel options, Nelson Big Guns are built for the corrosive environments typical of coal terminals and other industrial sites. The superior performance provides optimal coverage with less equipment and maintenance than other, less expensive options. 

High- and adjustable-trajectory models can easily achieve the necessary stream height to clear the coal piles, and they can also be mounted on tall risers or towers to further increase coverage. The Big Gun’s field-proven nozzles are less likely to plug, requiring less filtration and allowing the use of wastewater. Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are backed by years of experience in coal pile dust control around the world.

Big Gun® Sprinkler controlling dust at a quarry.
Big Gun® Sprinkler controlling dust at a quarry.

Dust is found in many industrial sites.

Dust can be a major problem not just at coal terminals and mines, but also on mining haul roads, quarries, and construction sites. While the Big Gun is the most common dust suppression solution, Rotator® Sprinklers are another solid option for settling dust in certain applications. Contact Nelson Irrigation's team of experienced engineers and territory managers for help solving your specific dust issues.

Big Gun® Sprinkler controlling dust on mining tailings.
Big Gun® Sprinkler controlling dust on mining tailings.

For years Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers have been the solution of choice for extremely corrosive environments. Special materials and coatings are available to handle everything from copper mining to aluminum processing tailings.

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