Non-Agricultural Applications


Mitigation matters.

Big Gun® on a sled in a sand mine.
Big Gun® on a sled in a sand mine.

Specially configured Nelson products can be used in highly corrosive environments like mines.

  • Special Big Gun® Sprinkler options include:
  • Anodized, powder coated, and stainless steel Big Guns: for sprinkling with corrosive waters.
  • Counterbalance kit: for operating the Big Gun on a tilted riser.
  • Wedge insert: for increased trajectory and stream height.

Using Big Gun Sprinklers and 800 Series Control Valves in conjunction with Nelson's TWIG® Wireless Control System allows mining operations to automate irrigation in scheduled sets.

A unique part-circle Rotator configuration in a mining application.
Part-Circle Rotator solutions direct water only where you need it.

Rotator® products are another game-changer.

A variety of Rotator configurations have proved successful in a variety of different mines. The Part Circle R3000/R3030,the PC-R2000WF, or R33 with Road Guard can provide edge watering of pits or debris.

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